Please bring your love and best wishes for Deirdre and Dayun.

Your accommodation and the wedding dinner will be provided.

The cabins have fridges, stoves and barbeques. Please bring food and drink for the other meals. There is a grocery store and liquor store on the island.

There is a swimming pool, hot tub, and boat dock on the 55-acre property at the Timbers, so come equipped for outdoor and water fun.
Please bring beach towels if you plan to swim because they ask that we not take towels from the cabin to the pool.
There's also hiking and golf in the area.

Please bring any games you enjoy like bocce, frisbee, etc.

Please bring your own favourite CD's for music. Semi-formal dress for the wedding and dinner afterwards.

Here are some websites with more information about Pender Island:

Here's a site built by a couple who were married at the Timbers just last June:


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